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who sells mac makeup On Sale Online Luxurious make up sale When it comes to Concealer is impossible not to mention black eye black eye, now almost became the most girls basic equipment, also girls hate the enemy. Today Tina to bring the three black eye Concealer method, girls MAC Mascara have a look you is which of the following types of dark circles, symptomatic concealer, let your makeup skill set increased 10 times, can immediately become more beautiful. The black eye socket main types: Circular black eye, black eye, eye bag tear groove type of black eye. One, circulating type of black eye; alternating massage + partial orange 1, the spoon in warm water, let a spoon gets hot, with convex on the eye, reached the hot compress effect. Then the spoon in the cold water, let the spoon ice, with concave snugly in the black eye for eye, ice, hot and cold alternately promote the eye cycle change. In 2, then dipped in a moisturizer, in eye week inside and gently massage, then gently pat help absorb. 3, choose partial MAC Powdery Cake orange concealer liquid or concealer, applied under the eyes, and then use the pulp gently slapping. In 4, the final choice to dress Concealer point at present, then gently pat open. In two, the lacrimal groove type of black eye; moisturizing lotion wet compress + pearl moisturizing Concealer: 1, the use of eye cream massage eye, then the make-up water and a little cream on cotton, wet compress on the now. 2, choose a pearl, and moisture Wholesale MAC Cosmetics better cover concealer, in eye head away, for eye head base. 3, in the choice of water embellish the cover concealer, about moisture better, gently in the eye. 4, because the eye head prone to wrinkles, so I do not recommend too much powder products, to makeup, recommended to choose MAC Eyeshadow. , gently brush, not only have the makeup effect, can create the skin feeling tight. who sells mac makeup